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Since our inception in 2012, USEO has become a top PPC agency in Toronto through our commitment to provide superior digital marketing services. Our first-rate PPC and Google Ads services are matched by competitive prices and guaranteed results.

Experienced in both local and international settings, we can help you get results whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small to medium enterprise.
The basics of pay-per-click are simple – you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Though, pouring money into PPC advertising doesn’t always guarantee you more customers. If the highest paying ones were always first to show, small & medium-sized businesses could never succeed. Fortunately, that’s not the case and with a careful planning we can find how you can put your business in front of eager buyers without spending a fortune.

Receive trusted and experienced Google Ads services in Toronto

We find why certain trends appear in the first place and hop on them before everyone else does.

As a recognized Google display ads agency, our team is highly experienced in the field of digital advertising, and knows how to achieve the best results for our clients. We pay close attention to digital trends and respond to them accordingly by identifying the most powerful keywords that’ll produce results for your company.

We work hard to keep you informed every step of the way by assigning you with a dedicated campaign manager, who keeps you up-to-date with regular reports and detailed monthly analytics.

We monitor every campaign – analyzing the real-time data we receive and adjusting accordingly. We simultaneously lower the cost-per-click and increase conversions, basing our decisions on the real-time feedback. We take the guesswork out of the equation and put the knowledge first.

Working with us, you know exactly how much you’re spending and how much you’re making in return. So if you are interested in running a campaign that involves Google Adwords in Canada, there’s one name that you can trust – United SEO!

Premium PPC Services At Cost-Effective Pricing

The PPC services we offer include:

Search Ads
Display Ads
Google Shopping Ads
Remarketing Ads

Would like to talk with one of our Advertising Experts?

Consultation with an expert of this caliber often costs upwards to CAD 500! Don’t miss your chance.


Here is why PPC should be one of your main lead generation & conversion strategies

A strategically built and diligently monitored Google Ads campaign can prove to be one of the most effective strategies for all your promotional, lead generation and sales campaigns.

USEO’s Google Ads experts can help you built a targeted campaign. By researching the most popular keywords within your demographics, we target those most willing to purchase your service or product. As we learn more about your brand, we refine each part of your custom strategy to ensure that customers continue to come to you over your competitors.

You want your brand to be the first one your target market sees when searching for products and services like yours.

For further details or to discuss your requirements, please feel free to connect with the team at United SEO Canada at +1 416 821 2944 right now. Prefer sending an email? Reach us at info@useo.ca