Common Google Ads Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Are you confident enough to use Google Ads? If yes, kudos to you! But there is at least one mistake that you may have fallen prey to while setting up a perfect ad campaign. In this article, you’ll learn the most common Google Ads mistakes that will frustrate you, but you will also learn how to fix them to generate leads for you.

So, let’s inspect the common Google Ads mistakes and discuss how to avoid them.

Incorrect keywords

It is extremely important to spend time performing thorough keyword research. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to find target keywords that are relevant to your business but also to the content on your website / landing page. This ensures higher Quality Scores for your keywords.

It’s also important to ensure you use the correct match types for your keywords to control the quality of traffic. We recommend using more phrase and exact match keywords rather than broad match – this will help drive better quality traffic through your ad campaigns.


  • Never use all the keywords for one group, but spread them across ad groups accordingly.
  • Always use a combination of broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords rather than pure broad match keywords.


Ad Extensions

When using Google Ad, you aim to drive the highest amount of relevant online buyers to your website. Ad Extensions provide extra information about your business, such as your location, contact details, website, and reviews, at no additional cost. But this critical tool is often missed.


  • Add site link extensions to show different website links so people can access relevant pages instantly.
  • Call-out extensions, message extensions, location extensions are the other valuable extensions that you can use.


Regional trend

Many accounts run local, but you see accounts set up to target nationwide. Often large cities drain your budget, which is acceptable only if the metrics benefit you; at times, it doesn’t! So consider running ads in your region or maybe a new area where you are trying to seize market share. This approach may find leads from only a few key cities, which could be a cue to change your bids and campaigns accordingly.

Tip- Always check the locations section in your ad campaign and dig into the different cities for opportunities to toughen your bidding.


Negative Keywords

Usually, advertisers make the mistake of neglecting the importance of gathering a negative keyword list and complain that their ads aren’t converting the way they’re supposed to. Negative keywords will save you tons of money on Google Ads and enable you to draw more qualified traffic.

Tip- Using a negative keyword can eliminate keywords that aren’t suitable for your product or service, reduce your cost, and increase your revenue.

To conclude, there are many common Google Ads mistakes, including but not limited to those mentioned above! The goal is to gain high-quality traffic to your website by using appropriate keywords, targeting effectively, and adding extensions to grow your sales. To capture the market for your product efficiently and effectively, be aware of all the components and tools that create a reliable Google Ad.

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