Top 5 free SEO tools

Looking for some practical and powerful tools for SEO without any cost? There are several free SEO tools in the market, but not all are useful; some can be junk. That’s why we have brought to you only the best and most useful free tools that will help you to make your website rank better. This article will include totally free tools that are commonly recommended and used by SEO experts and that offer something extra. Stay tuned!

The powerful free SEO tools that will get you started are:

Google Analytics

It’s almost impossible not to use Google Analytics in an SEO campaign. Google Analytics tells you whether your SEO efforts are yielding well. We believe that no other data source delivers high-quality and transparent information like Google Analytics. Data here means organic traffic, bounce rate, time spent on the website, traffic source, etc. Moreover, when Google Analytics is combined with the Google Search Console, it becomes more powerful.

Google Search Console

Yes, Google Search Console (previously known as webmaster) is another indispensable free SEO tool you should use. It gives you access to all the things that you need to boost your site’s ranking. You can successfully improve and optimize your website using this free tool. Google Search Console provides a few similar data, like Google Analytics, but in a simplified way. Unlike other tools, the data provided by Google Search Console is legit and can be used to check your site’s rankings in the SERPs.


MozBar is one of the most incredible free SEO tools SEO experts and marketers use. It not only displays domain authority, page authority but also the spam score of your website. MozBar conducts page analysis and provides detailed information about Page Elements, Page Attributes, and Link Data that helps improve the SEO of a website. MozBar also has a premium paid version, but if you are in a cash-strapped phase, you can use a robust version of this tool at no cost.


Ubersuggest is a free tool that offers features that are mainly found in premium SEO tools. Just type a keyword, and Ubersuggest will give you precise data on keyword difficulty, search volume, and more. Moreover, it goes way beyond keyword suggestions. It presents basic link metrics, top competitor pages, and other extended SEO capabilities.

Google SERP Preview Tool

Google SERP Preview Tool is an essential tool that visualizes how your meta title and description will appear on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This can immensely affect your click-through rate. This neat tool relies on character count and pixel length to ensure your titles and descriptions display properly.

Final thoughts

Remember, you do not need costly tools but the right tools to succeed in SEO. And for the right tools, you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars; they can be free. Moreover, it’s great when the above-mentioned free tools bring you traffic, sales, extra dollars, rank, reputation, and many more. So hold the ones that you find most valuable that can rank your site better.

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