Top 5 Security Measures for Every Website/Website Owner

You need to make sure your website is safe. Regardless of whether it’s for business or personal use. Not just for you and employees, but also the visitors using and interacting with it too.

Add an HTTPS and SSL Certificate

To keep your site safe, you need to make sure it has a secure URL. Two key components you need are an HTTPS and SSL Certificate, as these stop anything happening to sensitive data when it’s being transferred between your site and a user’s computer.

Use a Secure Web Host

When choosing the web host for your site, make sure you pick a reputable one known for its security features. Find out whether they offer the following:

Secure File Transfer Protocol – essential for transferring files from your computer to the server computer where your site is stored

Use a Strong Password

It can be tempting to stick to the same password for everything you do online, but this is a mistake. To keep access to your site restricted, you need to make sure all the relevant log-ins have a complex and smart password.

Make Back-Ups

There will be times when you can’t prevent something from happening to your site. For those times, backup files of your website are indispensable. It doesn’t take long to set up, but you will be glad you did when at the click of a few buttons you can retrieve your lost, stolen, or damaged website.

Keep all Software and Plug-ins Updated

Many websites are compromised because they have outdated software and plug-ins. That’s what hackers are looking for to breach the security of your site. Therefore, it’s important to install updates when they become available.

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